Wilderness Lodge Arthur’s Pass, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Wilderness Lodge Arthur’s Pass, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Inspiring, Sustainable, Responsible & Experiential Luxury Travel

The world of travel is changing fast.

We now have the opportunity to visit almost anywhere in the world we choose. But, if not chosen well, the impact of our travel can be detrimental to the places and the people we visit. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here at Boutique Travel Gallery we support all forms of sustainable, ethical and responsible travel, where the places we go to and the people we impact along the way are enhanced by our visit. We respect their environment, and participate in ways to protect and enhance it. We interact with local people and their cultures, learn about their art, their passions and their lifestyles, and give back by staying at places that employ local people, serve local foods, and support the local community at many levels.

We work with lodges, resorts and suppliers that have a responsible ethic towards the experience they supply to their guests. Some places are well experienced at this now, while others are just learning. We encourage you to ask about this when arranging your travel.

We contribute to reforestation projects to help offset our travellers’ environmental impact, operate an almost paperless office, and are continually researching to ensure we are offering responsible travel options.