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Hinchinbrook Island, Northern Queensland

Hinchinbrook Island, Northern Queensland


Australia is a vast and beautiful country …

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. It is also the smallest continent and the largest island. It’s off-shore islands reach far out in to the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and deep down towards Antarctica.

It is a country of wet and dry extremes, from wet tropical rainforests to dry salt pans and arid outback vastness. It spans latitudes from 10 degrees S in the north to 43 degrees S in the south, and its climate reflects that vast range, with tropical cyclones, southern ocean storms, warm trade winds and temperate breezes ruffling its feathers. And there’s the outback - dry, empty, vast and full of interesting sights and experiences.

Australia also has an incredible collection of native flora and fauna - well-known animals like the kangaroo, the platypus and the wombat are just a few of these - there are many more. The birdlife is prolific and fabulously loud, and the seabirds and fish life of the coastal areas and reefs is simply stunning.

The exciting thing is that most of these amazing places now have some very beautiful properties to stay in, no matter how remote they area. There are wilderness lodges, island resorts, rainforest retreats, coastal stays, luxury tented camps and more.

All this hugeness creates some incredible wilderness areas, and all are worthy of exploring - if you have the time. But if, like most people, you only have a short time to explore Australia then here are our picks for you.

Obvious Must-Dos

  • the World Heritage area in northern Queensland combining the magical Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics rainforests

  • the Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land regions of the Northern Territory

  • the Kimberley region and northern coast of Western Australia (best done by boat or overland tour)

  • the wild beauty of the SW corner of Western Australia with its lighthouses, rugged shore, surf beaches, forests and vineyards

  • the national parks, stunning coastline and rich cultural history of Tasmania in the south

  • the indigenous culture and intriguing landscapes of the Uluru area in the very centre of Australia