North of the Daintree River

One of the key attractions in far north Queensland is the Daintree National Park. Starting less than an hour’s drive north of Port Douglas, this luscious, wild, tropical environment encapsulates what this beautiful area is all about.

Cross the Daintree River by car ferry, or join a local tour, and drop into the steamy rainforest-clad hill country. The end of the 2WD road is at Cape Tribulation, just over an hour north of the ferry landing. Climb over the winding Mt Alexander before dropping down to Cow Bay. Noahs Beach and Coconut Beach are easy stops on the way up the coast as well.

The Jindalba Boardwalk and Daintree Discovery Centre at the base of the Alexander Range are well with stopping at. The Dubuji boardwalk at Myalls Beach, near Cape Tribulation, offers a glimpse into the many layers of the rainforest, from the sea to the high treetops, the swamps and the licuala palm forest.

Cape Tribulation Beach sits to the north of the cape and is easy to reach from the carpark. Myall Beach, to the south of the cape, is a special stretch of white coral sand and clear water, which drew us back time and again to watch the reflected light of sunset glide across the water.

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(C) Sue Farley 2019

Sue Farley