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The beauty of El Questro Homestead at dusk

The beauty of El Questro Homestead at dusk

Luxury Travel Experts in Australia and New Zealand

We recently rebranded. Boutique Travel Gallery launched last month, and we are very excited about it. It was a low-key, slow motion event but reflects some big changes behind the scenes, and out front.

The biggest change is that we now showcase luxury travel in both Australia and New Zealand. This is a great opportunity for local travellers wanting to explore their own country, or visit their neighbours across the Tasman Sea. It also presents a one-stop option for anyone wanting to visit both Australia and New Zealand on a trip from further afield. We find an increasing number of our guests want to visit Australia and New Zealand during their travels.

Both New Zealand and Australia have a beautiful selection of luxury lodges, resorts and retreats. These are spread through the wilderness – the outback, beaches, mountains, rainforest, lakes, coral reefs, islands and wild coastlines of both countries. They also sit quietly in beautiful valleys, wine areas, small villages and large farms. Some are focused on wellness and health, others offer great family or inter-generational stays, while others deliver a beautiful option for a corporate or team-building retreat.

We also select cruises for keen cruise fans to come and explore both countries and cruise between the two. Or who want to sail around the coast, visiting interesting places on day excursions. There are plenty of options for cruises originating in New Zealand and terminating in Australia, or vice versa. Other people incorporate their visit with a larger international cruise, adding one or both countries pre- or post-cruise. 

We are here to help you bring together the trip of your dreams, whether you just want help to find the best lodge, resort stays or cruise for your budget, or you want to focus on a particular theme like bird-watching, spa and wellness stays or ultra-luxe options. In that case we'll present you with the most suitable options and help you book them. 

So what can we provide for you?

  • some people just want their lodge stays coordinated and booked. It's not always easy to find the perfect stay for your requirements, especially if you’re visiting two countries

  • some want us to add in their transfers and domestic flights, so there are no issues when it comes to connecting between lodge stays or your international arrivals or departures

  • others want full itineraries, bringing together their fabulous accommodations, easy connections, and activities fulfilling all their interests and preferences

  • and some people want to coordinate land packages with a cruise either before, after or during their trip

  • family and inter-generational groups often have complex needs, catering for a range of ages, fitness levels and accommodation needs. 

We are well experienced with all these travel requirements.

Because we are booking luxury travel for people into Australia and New Zealand every day we have good knowledge of what is available, what the best times of year are to visit, and what options will provide you with the best value for your spend. 

Our fees are minimal, and for simple bookings there are no fees other than those necessary to book flights.

Our wish is to provide you with the best trip possible to meet your dreams, your budget and your planned activities. Let us work a little magic for you.

Ask us for more info – we are New Zealand and Australian luxury travel specialists.

Web  www.boutiquetravelgallery.com

mail sue.farley@nztravelbrokers.co.nz

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